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Little Known Facts About Mold

Mold is a subtle but aggressive pest. There is a lot of misinformation on the web and even among friends about how best to approach and eliminate mold. If you live in Westchester or Fairfield County and think you have a mold problem at your home or business, consider the following common myths about mold.

Painting Over Mold Does Not Get Rid of it

Whenever you can see visible patches of mold on wooden paneling, drywall or another porous surface, there is a bunch of mold seeped into the pores of the surface behind it you can’t see. Therefore, painting over mold does not kill it, it simply retreats behind the surface for a period of time and then grows right through it. Mold can even grow through mold resistant paints or those that “claim” they kill mold. Mold will crack and bubble the paint and return with a vengeance. Never paint over mold. It just doesn’t do anything!

Bleach Does Not Solve Your Mold Problem

Another common misconception is that you can bleach away your mold problem. Nope! Bleach may be able to kill mold on non-porous surfaces such as porcelain, but odds are there are porous surfaces nearby holding onto it anyway. Mold will grow back in a matter of weeks when simply wiped down with bleach. Again, this is because the mold will recede into the pores of whatever surface it inhabits, and then grow back twice as strong as before.

Mold Usually Accompanies Water Damage

Mold thrives in warm, wet conditions. So, if you’re noticing a mold problem in your home, there is likely moisture or water where it shouldn’t be. The mold is growing from a source that likely has water damage. Possible underlying causes could be an improperly sealed window, a leaky pipe, or water pooling near your foundation due to a badly designed drainage system. If this is the case, you’ll also need water damage restoration services depending on the severity of the problem.

100,000 Different Types of Mold Exist and Some are Fatal

Most people understand the difference between green mold and black mold and even the mold that comes on the cheeses we regularly eat. But there are so many different species out there it would be impossible for the average person to truly know whether a mold in their home or business is “one of the bad ones” or not. Generally speaking, all mold is bad, and you should call a professional mold remediation business to assess the situation as soon as you see it. Better safe than sorry!

All molds can cause health issues, particularly for the respiratory system. Issues can range from mildly irritating allergy-like symptoms to headaches to death. Some people have even been known to develop rashes or reproductive issues as a result of exposure. Don’t let this happen to you! Call a professional for a mold assessment.

When you suspect mold at your home or business in Westchester or Fairfield County, call ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services. We can help you identify and eliminate mold from your property, so you can breathe easy again.

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