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Summer Fire Safety Tips

Warm and sunny weather has finally arrived here in Westchester and Fairfield counties! Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy the weather with cookouts, camping trips and fireworks. Before you start up your grill or build that campfire, brush up on your fire safety knowledge. Keep your friends and family safe all summer long with these fire safety tips:

Grilling and BBQ Safety

Stay Outdoors  

Set up your grill outdoors, at least 10 feet away from any building, deck or overhang. Using a grill inside or under a tent could lead to serious fire damage. If you own a gas grill, using it in a covered space could also cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Maintain Your Grill

You should clean your grill after each use. Take a few minutes after you finish grilling to scrub it down, stuck-on food or grease will come off much easier than it will if you wait. Once the inside is cleaned, wipe down the exterior of your grill and close the lid.

Take Precautions

Never leave your grill unattended. Open the lid prior to lightening the grill to reduce the risk of fire. Designate a safe zone to prevent kids and pets from getting close to the grill and prevent injury. Always ignite the grill with long-length lighters to avoid getting burned.

Campfire Safety

Keep Away from Buildings

Just like setting up your grill space, you should build your fire away from buildings, trees and any other flammable material. It’s important to check weather conditions before starting a campfire. If the weather is dry or windy, avoid burning that day.

Fill a Bucket of Water

You should always have a plan in case of emergency, especially when it comes to fire. Keep a large bucket of water, a hose or dirt with a shovel nearby to put out the fire if it gets out of hand. When you are done with your campfire, wait until there are no embers left then use the water bucket to drench the ashes.

Stand Back from the Flames

Every guest should keep a safe distance from the fire. When the fire is lit, keep a close eye on children, pets and anyone who has been drinking. For extra precaution, consider purchasing a screen or cover to put up around your fire pit area. This will help stop stray sparks from injuring anyone or starting a fire.

Fireworks Safety

Obey Local Laws

The best way to safely enjoy fireworks is to go to a professional firework show. However, if you decide to use fireworks this year, make sure they are legal in your area before purchasing them and setting them off.

Take Necessary Precautions

You should always light fireworks away from any buildings or flammable objects, and always light outdoors. Do not wear loose clothing while handling fireworks.

Accidents Happen – Be Prepared!

After you light a firework, move several feet back. If the device doesn’t go off, just put it out with water and dispose of it. Do not look or stand over it to investigate.

We hope these tips help you enjoy a summer free of fire disasters. If you experience fire damage, contact us at (888) 321-2987. ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning & Restoration Services is your local fire and water damage restoration expert here in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. We’re available around the clock for emergency restoration services. Our team can also help you with upholstery cleaning, hoarding cleanup, mold damage remediation and much more!


Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash

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