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Smoke Damage Insurance Claim

After a fire occurs in Westchester or Fairfield Counties, there are many forms of damage. One of the most detrimental is smoke damage. Even if the fire itself was contained to a single room, smoke can easily travel through an entire building. One of the most important steps to take after you experience a disaster of any kind is to file an insurance claim. Every type of damage has different insurance claim needs. Because smoke damage can be so widespread, it’s important to learn about smoke damage insurance claims. Brush up on your knowledge with the following tips compiled by ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration Services.

What is Smoke Damage
Smoke damage consists of residue and odor. Smoke residue can range from looking oily to powdery depending on the type of material that was burned. This residue needs to be cleaned with specialized equipment and knowledge. More damage can be created from cleaning incorrectly. Additionally, odor often lingers even after the residue is gone. That’s why it’s important to call a professional smoke damage restoration team.

Review Your Insurance Policy
Look over the details of your insurance policy including coverage limits, deadlines, deductibles and exemptions. If you lost your policy information, your insurance agent can send you a new copy.

Call Insurance Provider
Contact your insurance agent as soon as possible. Making sure your insurance agent is informed every step of the way can help the process move along smoothly.

Include the Following in Your Smoke Damage Insurance Claim:
1. Date of loss
2. Type of damage
3. Contact information of property owner
4. Personal contact information
5. Location
6. Related injuries
7. Others involved
8. Condition of home
9. Remediation estimates
10. Description of damaged items
11. Receipts for restoration and related costs
12. Any temporary repairs
13. Complete list of damaged items
14. A police report

Record the Damage
Before you start the restoration process, take photos or videos of all the damage. Proof of the extent of the smoke damage can help streamline the insurance process. Make sure you include damaged contents and furniture as well as structural damage.

Keep Track of Expenses
After a disaster, you may have to stay in a hotel or replace daily necessities. If your day to day expenses increase, your insurance provider may be able to reimburse you. Keep a detailed record of it all with an itemized list and receipts.

Mitigate Damage
Tarp or board up broken windows and holes in your roof to prevent any further damage from taking place. Your insurance provider may also require you to do so.

If you experience property damage from a fire, ServiceMaster Superior Cleaning and Restoration Services is available 24/7 for emergency restoration services. You can expect us to work quickly to return your home back to normal. Our technicians understand the importance of each project. We make sure your questions are answered and you feel reassured about the entire restoration process. Our team takes every opportunity to make positive, lasting impression for our customers in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Contact us today.

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